1st Ride With NEFLSCRC

19 bikes and 27 people with at least two things in common, enthusiasm for motorcycles and the initiative to enjoy them with others, gathered in Mandarin this morning for a short ride around southernmost Jacksonville, Florida.

Northeast Florida Southern Cruisers: http://www.jaxsoutherncruisers.com/

Southern Cruisers national website: http://www.southerncruisers.net/

We had some technical difficulties with the camera this trip but we had a great time, learned a lot about formation riding and made some new friends.

Astrojax website: Astrojax

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That’s not drool on my shirt, it’s sweat. No, really!

Here’s all of them:

Images From Darien, Georgia August 6, 2011

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been -I’m referring to both of the people that used to read my blog when I was more active – this will explain a lot:





Mattb4rdjr aka BUGjr and I have started our own private Minecraft server and are inviting a few friends to come and dig it.

If you’re interested, use the “EMAIL MEH” form at the website and email me with your minecraft account name and include how I know you (if it’s not obvious). I’ll reply with the server address once you’ve been added.

We already have a growing spawn town and several helpful plugins installed. Bukkit, Worldedit and WorldGuard to name a few.

Flick Up For Appostophie – iPad Today


iPad Today is great new show from Leo Laporte’s TWiT network that covers all things iPad in a fun, informative and stereophonic netcast. (Leo’s programs are the best sounding on the net)

During episode 3 Leo demonstrates a keyboard trick that enables the user to transform a comma into an apostrophe with a flick.

I recommend the show all for iDevice enthusiasts, even though their video editing software apparently doesn’t spellcheck.


What’s this all about? See Engadget’s coverage of the event.

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